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We provide primary care optometry to Lockport and the surrounding communities, specializing in medical eye care, BVD (binocular vision dysfunction), and VT (vision therapy). Our practice focuses on individualized care and overall wellness, to help you SEE, FEEL, and LOOK your best. We believe in personalized eyecare and eyewear, because each patient is unique and should be treated as such. Our passion starts from helping you SEE your best by providing clear, comfortable vision to allow you to excel in school, work and life. We find it essential to take a holistic approach to your eye health, stressing the importance of preventative care to help you FEEL your best. We have professionals on-site to style you with our curated selection of frames to help you LOOK your best and discuss customized lenses for optimal vision. Our staff is kind and friendly, and Dr. Shaw is compassionate and approachable. Dr. Shaw takes her time with each patient, so you never feel rushed or your questions dismissed.

Meet Our Doctor

Meet Dr. Sarah Shaw

Dr. Shaw was born and raised in Lockport. She took over East Avenue Vision Center in March 2019. She specializes in behavioral optometry in the treatment of binocular vision dysfunction, learning-related vision disorders, strabismus and amblyopia. Dr. Shaw prides herself on evaluating each patient as a whole and providing comprehensive vision and medical eye care.


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